Therapy & Prayer Can Coexist

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Here is a submission from Barbara Grace (@barb_inspires) regarding her wellness journey:


I have been in therapy on and off for TWELVE years. For a long time, I hated it. Three years ago, I took myself back as an adult because I was faced with some life changing experiences where I had to CHOOSE and SAVE myself. But last year right before my birthday, I CRUMBLED to pieces. I was in a new state, adjusting all while juggling a lot of responsibilities. My therapist at the time lived in Florida and during one Skype session, he uttered these words:
“Barb, you have to find a therapist in your area because I’m inefficient from a distance, and right now as much as I want to pass you the Kleenex box-I can’t.”

The years of childhood trauma, failed relationships, and abuse had caught up with me and interrupted my life. I had two choices: drown into this depression, or become an active willing participant in my healing journey. You guessed it right, I chose Barbara.


Prayer doesn’t magically fix all of our problems. Faith without work is dead. Both prayer and therapy have worked wonders for me. They can coexist. I pray that as you read this, you acknowledge your own trauma, and seek counsel if you must. Forgive yourself for things that happened to you outside of your control, but you are 100% RESPONSIBLE for your own healing!


As I enter this new chapter, I [say] “cheers” to intentional living, happiness, more self-compassion, internal peace, forgiveness and ongoing healing.

(Photo Credit: REEM Photography)

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