The ULTIMATE “Holistic Self” Game Plan | Legacy Speaks + Ask April Love

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What’s the point of securing the bag if you’re not physically and mentally able to enjoy the benefits of it? Being proactive and intentional about taking care of your ENTIRE being is a must, especially as an entrepreneur and professional. This episode of Mind Your Business features PR Maven & Life Strategist April Love as we discuss holistic wellness and navigating life effectively.

Don’t have time to watch? No worries! Check out the highlights below.


Life Strategy Advice

  • Get used to self-assessing periodically. Is your current position fulfilling? Is your work environment creating room for growth and advancement? Are you making the necessary strides towards the professional and personal life that you have envisioned for yourself?
  • Cut off the noise. Often times, we get bogged down by what others have envisioned for our lives, so much so that it begins to tamper with the way we view ourselves. Although this “advice” may be coming from a place of love, you have the power to reject or adopt what beliefs come your way.
  • Trust Yourself. You only have one life to live and no time to waste. If your intuition and higher power are telling you it’s time for a shift, then make it happen. I’m not saying to be impulsive but rather, encouraging you to make a move. Realistically speaking, how many times have you made excuses for not putting pen to paper or rubber to the road?


Self-Care for the Professional

  • Be intentional about your wellness. It’s time to create AND implement a self-care regime that caters to your needs. Find spaces that feed you. Add reading material and digital content that will expand your horizons. Engage in physical activities that increase the flow of endorphins. Learn to not only check in with yourself but create time for yourself.
  • Develop Your A-Team. Behind the brand is a team of people who keep the well-oiled machine running. It’s more than just having employees, interns, and great business relationships. Consider securing a therapist, connecting to local ministries and niche organizations, and spending time with social support groups.
  • Celebrate Your Accomplishments. You’ve put in the work and deserve this win so don’t shy away from the accolades and applause. You did it! Appreciating and reflecting over your accomplishments does not make you any less humble. This serves as a reminder that you can do anything, reduces the negative impact of comparison, and encourages you to keep moving forward.

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