About the brand

Photo Credit: Jarrod Anderson / @createdbyjarrod

Mental wellness is more than just a therapy session on a couch; it’s literally every fiber of our being. We exude our authentic selves from the fashion we rock to the signature knick knacks that we just can’t live without. That’s why we created our online store! The products featured here are intentionally hand-picked and created with quality in mind. Every time you put on one of your favorite graphic tees or practice self-care with your newest journal, we are one step closer to eliminating stigmas together. So thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wellness journey.

Meet Sierra

I created the Legacy Speaks platform to promote mental health awareness and self-development. When not helping people become a better version of themselves, you can find me doing everything from volunteering and advocacy to trap yoga and hiking. I live life as an endless adventure and make every second count. One person at a time – that’s how I’m changing the world. I want to influence the culture by empowering others to live their lives with passion and purpose. This is not just a goal, this is how I live my life.