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Personal & Professional Learning

Training & Development

We work with organizations to help their teams and target audience unpack their presenting concerns. This is done through Lunch & Learn workshops, conference presentations, and continuing education seminars. 

In-person and virtual options are available.

Conferences & Panels


Have an upcoming event that you would like for us to be a part of? We would love to hear more about it! 

  • Coping with Adjustments & Life Transitions
  • Navigating Work-Life Harmony
  • Addressing Financial Trauma
  • Stress Management
  • Mental Health Strategies for Creatives
  • Skills Building – Boundaries, Self-Esteem, & Communication
  • Identity Work 
  • Resiliency, Grief, and more!

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Individual Accountability


Ever thought what could be the hurdle between you and your ultimate success?

The truth is: It’s not always chronic depression, extreme anxiety or panic attacks.

It can also be poor boundaries, low self-esteem, or just a lack of self-awareness!

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Organizational Strategy

Business Consulting

Need a licensed clinician’s point of view? 
This service is specifically designed for business leaders who want to outperform their competitors, improve their personal brand, and get insight on how to achieve their organization’s quarterly goals. I can teach you how to achieve greatness while prioritizing your mental health.

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What Clients Say
About Us!

Jessica Pachman-Hults Phr employee engagement manager of terminus: account-based marketing

I found your presentation very thorough in all of the ways employees could look after their mental health, and I appreciated that it was more than the surface level fixes that you so often see suggested (take a bath, put your phone away, etc). My favorite part was the wellness wheel, which is not something I had seen before, and I connected with the conversation around work/life harmony vs. balance. I also liked that you got the group involved in reading the slides, and thought it was a great amount of information in a shorter amount of time.

JB of the blue bike

Sierra, thank you for your commitment to providing support, work, and leadership. The work that you do is so critical when we consider trauma and overall wellness in black and brown communities.

Aline J. Milfort Author & Mental health advocate

Sierra explained the topic thoroughly and communicated effectively with the audience. Her style of presentation and confidence kept the audience engaged and her knowledge of the presented topic enhanced the attendee’s level of understanding. Her passion for the field and desire to answer questions provided by audience truly showed Sierra is an excellent mental health professional and speaker.

Niesha Evans Program/event manager of united women inc.

Sierra was great! We all took away a few gems from her presentation. Especially when it came to advice with adjusting to the current environment with children and giving yourself grace when it came to your work productivity. Overall, the presentation was amazing. We definitely recommend her and would love to partner again.

Dylesia Hampton Barner LCSW, ceo of radical change therapy

This was an excellently executed event! Sierra, your professionalism, preparation/foresight, and thoughtfulness were felt in every detail.

Anthony “AJ” Joiner #Thejoinermethod

I have worked with a lot of people but Sierra is entirely in her own league. She is thoughtful, knows her stuff and lovingly cuts to the brass tax of whatever your true need is. She gives you the tools, they hit your brain, and JUST LIKE THAT your life is better for it. And she’s always just a call away. RUN to Sierra now if you’re on the fence, and thank me later.

Lillie Mae Founder of glambitious

It was an immense pleasure to interview on the Legacy Speaks platform! Sierra is very dedicated to giving visionaries a space to inspire, and I’m glad I could be involved. Our discussion was very introspective, engaging and my network found it to be a very enlightening.