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Workplace Wellness Trainings

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Our discovery call will consist of identifying your organization's goals and challenges to truly hone in on the desired outcome. We will also explore projected dates, times, and locations of the training.

Custom Program

Programs customized based on length of time


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Speaking Topics

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Developing Work-Life Harmony

Attendees will learn how to develop a sustainable balance between their personal and professional life in a way that complements each other rather than one being sacrificed for the sake of the other.

Skills Building for Workplace Wellness

Equipping talent with the necessary skills to operate in their roles effectively so that they are more likely to feel confident and motivated in their work. Areas of focus include how to create a trauma-informed environment, setting boundaries, effective communication, and more.

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Coping with Adjustments and Life Transitions

Change can either be anticipated or unexpected and with every shift, there is a period of getting acclimated to what’s new. Areas of focus include exploring one’s professional identity, addressing the impact of grief, and navigating change both in and out of the workplace.

Stress Management Strategies

Work-related stress can lead to burnout, fatigue, physical ailments, and a decreased sense of fulfillment. In this session, attendees will learn techniques to reduce the impact of stress so that they are better able to focus on executing their goals in a healthy manner.

What do people say?

Joanna has been working with me for nearly a year now and what an eventful year it has been. Joanna’s guidance, support and honesty have helped me not only navigate some tricky life changes but have also helped me achieve some lifelong goals. I would recommend her coaching services to anyone - Thank you Joanna!
Mary Doolittle
Creative CEO
I trained to be a life coach with Joanna in 2017 and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. She really made me believe I could do this and changed my life in the process. I now have a thriving business and I owe much of this to the input I’ve had from this dedicated, wonderful lady. I highly recommend Joanna’s services in coaching!"
Kelly Whitberg