Doing too much…Again

I’ve had this blog for a minute but I’m honestly not the most organized creative. When I get fired up about the vision that I have for my passion projects, I try to execute every one of its legs simultaneously and with urgency. With the channel came the branded website, then the online store, and the blog. I felt like everything HAD to be done regardless of whether I had the time to manage it or not. It didn’t matter because at least I could be the one to say that it was in existence. My distorted, serial achiever way of thinking says that with every latest revelation requires immediate action.

And as you can imagine, that can become exhausting in an attempt to meet unrealistic expectations set by no one but myself.

Fast forward two years later and I am in the midst of creating content schedules and developing strategies for posts ideas from lists quickly jotted in my Samsung Galaxy memos. “It’s time to take this a little more seriously”, I say to myself. So before I go any further, I should probably reel it in a bit and give this blog a proper introduction. No? Aight bet.

Hello! If you’re reading this I welcome and thank you for your time and attention. You’ve probably connected with the Legacy Speaks platform either through one of our social media platforms (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube). And speaking of YouTube, that’s the primary pizazz of this movement. I don’t want to bore you by trying to tickle your fancy with regurgitated information that you can find on our ‘About’ page. Never the less, the blog is simply another avenue to disseminate information regarding mental health awareness and advocacy. It is also another way to be able to share my counseling journey as a professional, advocate, and fanatic.

I must warn you though, some of the content you see on the channel could possibly will be found on this site. Ain’t no shame in my game. I know the information I have to share gives you life 😉 but after being two years deep into vlogging, I’ve realized not everyone has the time or where with all to watch or listen to a video installment on a weekly basis. So I’m taking the time to curb and curate my content to meet the needs of everyone.

So this is for my readers.

The ones who want to get a quick session of mindfulness in during a boring meeting that could’ve been squashed via email.

The ones who want to do some self-esteem work while riding your daily transit route but realized you’ve left your headphones back on the table.

And for those who simply just want to learn about the different facets of my own journey without having to wait a week for it to be filmed and edited for debut.

Whatever your cookie type is, say less because I’ve got the mold for it. Because that’s what mental wellness is about – being able to meet each other where we are without making things more complicated than they have to be.

Sierra H.